April , 2007

NASHWAN installed for Emirates National School
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February, 2007

Nashwan was in IDEX in Abu Dhabi
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Abdullah Al Rahbi Chairman & Ceo.
Nashwan has been created and is operated by an ex Officer of the UAE Armed Forces. It is a private local Company, having its head office in the city of Abu Dhabi Capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since the beginning and according to the policy of its creator, Nashwan`s core activity is the spare parts and repair in aeronautical and avionics systems (fighters and helicopters) ...
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9-ADVANCED WEIGHING SYSTEMS (Hardware & software)

With our partner CAPTELS, we can provide any type of weighing systems which are specially designed for each equipment to control:

Aircraft, Helicopters
Embedded platform   Mobile platform
CAPTELS has designed, manufactured and installed the weighing systems dedicated to Airbus A380 weighing and centre of gravity calculation equipments, for the new Falcon “F7X’’ and “TIGER’’ attack helicopter (EUROCOPTER).
Wireless communication is available to transmit in real time weighing data without the use of any cabling.
Axle weighing (static and WIM systems for law enforcement control)
CAPTELS uses stainless steel load cells (strain gauge technology), with high accuracy and repeatability measurement (1% to 2 % accuracy on the total weight). Scale capacity: up to 30 T per axle by 20 kg display.
Special applications for industry (agro-industry, petrochemistry)
To have more information, see CAPTELS website at www.captels.com
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