April , 2007

NASHWAN installed for Emirates National School
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February, 2007

Nashwan was in IDEX in Abu Dhabi
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Abdullah Al Rahbi Chairman & Ceo.
Nashwan has been created and is operated by an ex Officer of the UAE Armed Forces. It is a private local Company, having its head office in the city of Abu Dhabi Capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since the beginning and according to the policy of its creator, Nashwan`s core activity is the spare parts and repair in aeronautical and avionics systems (fighters and helicopters) ...
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NASHWAN provides on line monitoring systems for environmental resources monitoring.
Mobile weather station (WST 6000):
  • with no moving parts, it is adapted for fire fighting brigade vehicle, air monitoring truck, vessels….;
  • compass and GPS integrated;
  • no maintenance.

    You have in real time on your laptop display of air temperature, wind speed, wind direction with respect to magnetic north, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity,
    dew point. Associated IRISCART software makes it possible to localize the accident on digitized national maps and to extrapolate the geographical evolution of the danger.

    LEO Profiler buoy: an innovative coastal monitoring platform

    Fouling of sensors is the main issue in Gulf waters with the fast development of bio
    film on the immersed instrumentation. With LEO buoy, you do not have such problem thanks to electrochloration of sensors which are housed in a garage under the buoy when not working.
    Parameters: Salinity, conductivity, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll a, turbidity, nutritive elements.

    Oil spill and current tracking buoy: Argosphere

    The Argosphere, manufactured by MARTEC METOCEAN, has been designed to meet the need of the offshore gas & oil industry, as well as ocean freight industry for tracking and monitoring oil spills.
    It is an expendable, low cost spherical drifting buoy that can be deployed from a vessel, an aircraft and an oil platform. The operating life of the buoy is around 60 days.

      Vessel monitoring system:

    For monitoring the sustainable exploitation of fish stock, VMS is the right solution. NASHWAN with its partner METOCEAN offer MetTrac system which consists of a bi-directional satellite communicator which transmits vessels position reports at specified intervals (approved by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans).

    To have more information, see MARTEC METOCEAN website at www.metocean.com
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