April , 2007

NASHWAN installed for Emirates National School
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February, 2007

Nashwan was in IDEX in Abu Dhabi
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Abdullah Al Rahbi Chairman & Ceo.
Nashwan has been created and is operated by an ex Officer of the UAE Armed Forces. It is a private local Company, having its head office in the city of Abu Dhabi Capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since the beginning and according to the policy of its creator, Nashwan`s core activity is the spare parts and repair in aeronautical and avionics systems (fighters and helicopters) ...
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With over 20 years of experience with French and UAE ARMED FORCES, NASHWAN experts can offer a wide choice of customized fleet solutions.

Our offers in this field are various and not limited. Our latest and more representative capabilities are:

Fast erected tent hangar for aircraft maintenance (A340), with possibility of complete logistic offer (infrastructure and maintenance equipments)

Long and medium term storage operation for heavy vehicles by using of NITROGEN conditioning and adapted process

Fleet management system including, on field diagnostic aid, configuration and maintenance supervision with latest technologies (RFID), operational maintenance center (hot line), data centralization, real time availability commander board.




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